Why Holly?

helscher-banner-profile-fiverr-09012016Authentic content that engages
your education company buyers

I’m Holly Helscher, and I’m a B2B content writer specifically focused in the education industry. I craft content in a voice that matches various target audiences within education companies. By doing so, they stay engaged in a relationship with you which ultimately shortens their buying cycle.
Before I became a freelance copywriter, I worked for 15 years in the education industry. I developed proposals, training and initiatives designed to engage students and employees of all ages and backgrounds. I created marketing and academic copy for use in campuses nationwide. Accreditation and regulatory documents were part of my daily life. Other documents such as white papers, case studies and newsletters became necessary business and technical materials required to stay abreast of company growth.
Now, as a freelance content writer, I create persuasive, compelling documents for companies in the business of education.

What does this mean for you?

I get education company buyers in a way most copy and content writers don’t. I have a deep understanding of educational challenges and solutions that promote and maintain student and customer satisfaction and loyalty. I understand what it takes to motivate them to say yes so they move into education’s future rather than remain in its past.
Education company buyers are inundated with external pressures forcing them into quick-change solutions to meet industry changes. So when they receive promotional messages from lots of companies like yours, it’s fair to say they’re a bit jaded, and even fatigued from it all. I help my clients break through the noise with relevant content that speaks to buyers in their language and clearly describes how you solve their problems. The result is they’ll feel like you get them, too.

What makes me a different kind of content writer?

I used to work with both content and copywriters back in my corporate days. In fact, I met monthly with marketing teams about upcoming promotions. We reviewed what would work and wouldn’t. So I can relate if you’re having a tough time finding an excellent writer who also understands the world of education.
Since I’ve been working with education, and its regulations, all my career I have a strong base to build upon. I pick up new information and trends quickly and understand the nuances that need to be communicated to your buyers.
I also have a strong strategic background which means I’ll ask you lots of questions to understand the bigger picture. What are your goals? Where does this content piece fit into your sales cycle? What key problems does it need to solve for your buyer? How will your sales team use it?
My goal is to get a complete picture of your buyer and what you’re trying to achieve before I ever start writing. The result is content that engages your buyer and moves them to take action. I love building relationships with clients and helping them meet their goals with compelling, genuine, conversational content.

Learn more about my writing services

If you’re looking for a content writer:
Most education companies tend to create content as a one-off. They’re in a hurry and they don’t think about it as part of a larger strategy. My strategy helps me build content that contains the voice of your targeted reader, but allows the message to remain consistent piece-to-piece.
Perhaps you have an overwhelming list of content deliverables for your next marketing launch (As a seasoned leader of many launches, I’ve been there myself). I’ll help you determine which deliverables will best resonate with your buyers and then create them for you.
What will you get by working with me?
  • Effective content that speaks to your buyer. The most effective marketing addresses your buyer’s priorities and challenges. And I’ll provide it in the voice of a CEO, COO, Financial Aid Director or whomever your target reader is.
  • Achievement of your business objectives. Content should always be tied to meaningful metrics. I’ll work with you to develop content that achieves the results you want.
  • Complement your existing team or work as a solo act. I can help your team develop outstanding content they can implement themselves, or I can work alongside them on an ongoing basis.


Ready to discuss your next project?
Contact me personally at hjhelscher@gmail.com