What is the difference between content writing and information marketing?
What are your qualifications as a copywriter?
 What services do you specialize in?
What can I expect when working with you?
What does it cost to hire you for a project?
How long does it take to complete a project?

Q: “What is the difference between content writing and information marketing? How do these relate to my content?

A: That’s a good question. Everything is ultimately aimed at improving sales. While the two used to be separate, differences in today’s marketing place these services within the same group. It’s no longer a clear choice of one or the other.

  • Content Writing provides relevant material to your B2B customers that’s evergreen. Case studies, blogs, e-newsletters, and testimonials are all part of content writing. The information provided equips a potential client with rationale for future actions.
  • Information Marketing has a more immediate sales focus. It offers a product that leads to a call to action. Products or services designed on this side of the house can be repurposed multiple times depending upon the scope of the project and target audience.
  • B2B Content generates relevant material in both categories. Case studies, blogs, white papers and other medium-length materials are designed to lay out challenges your client may have. They introduce how your product or service resolved the problem. In some cases metrics demonstrate how well it worked. In 800-1200 words, readers gets both content and information about your education company and what you can do for them.

Your clients want to see informative content about products and services relevant to them personally. Otherwise they take no action . . . even if the action is a no-cost, low-threshold opt-in. The strongest path to personal relevance is when they see and feel their own point of view within the piece. I’ve sat in their seats, so my voice is their voice – one that’s authentic and genuine within their individual specialty or role. When potential clients can hear and see themselves in a blog or an ezine, the relationship between you and those B2B education prospects grows. Add to it proof that your product, or service can resolve a problem they have, then they will respond in the way you ask them to.

Q: “What are your qualifications as a copywriter?”

A. With an authentic voice for education companies, my primary qualification is the ability to write in the style of an administrator or an academic. My voice comes from a place of knowledge in each role because I’ve had the role. Your clients will recognize their own voice.

Six key skills are required to tell a story for education organizations. In addition to a credible, yet conversational tone, the writer/storyteller must have:

  • Polished writing skills.
  • An ability to create attention grabbing headlines and sub-headlines.
  • A thorough knowledge of the target audience, or end-user.
  • A talent to create stories relevant to the target end-user.
  • Presentation of a call to action.
  • Specialization of services.

In addition to my 40+ years writing business documents of all kinds, I’ve had 10+ years of experience in creative writing. The two overlap because the they use the same, basic skills. Case studies, blogs, and even white papers are all stories. Educators in any role love a good story. A writer must possess:

  • Polished writing skills.
  • An ability to create attention grabbing first lines (hooks) of stories or chapters.
  • A through knowledge of the target audience for whom the stories are written.
  • A talent to create stories relevant to the target reader (audience).
  • Presentation of some conflict and quest, or call to action, by the primary character.
  • Specialization of genre (services).

With a bachelor’s in English literature, a master’s in community counseling, and a doctorate in metaphysics, (alternative health and self-improvement), my entire education and background relate to engaging people. I use the skills I’ve presented here. And in the education industry I can do this better than anyone.

Q: “What services do you specialize in?”

A. Although I can provide any number of services, I enjoy writing medium-length content. Other services can be created and integrated to meet your needs and various audience groups. Medium-length services include:

  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • Catalog copy
  • Emails – stand alone or series
  • E-newsletters/e-zines
  • Speeches
  • Testimonials
  • White papers

Q: “What can I expect when working with you?”

A. You can expect a friendly and courteous professional dedicated to helping you succeed in your business venture.

You can also expect well-planned, well-written and well-executed documents. All of them will be reader-friendly and designed to achieve one or more buyer actions.

You’ll get a process you can follow from beginning to end. The process steps are laid out prior to starting any project, all geared toward meeting your stated objectives. More information on this is located in my Information Packet.

Q: “What does it cost to hire you for a project?”

A. It’s hard to answer this question without knowing the parameters of your project. What you need may be different than what someone else needs. Examples of possible scopes of your project may be, but are not limited to:

  • Series of new case studies for a standard product.
  • Series of case studies for a new product.
  • Fresh testimonials or even new customer quotes within some of your existing content.
  • Follow up emails advising your clients that new content is available on your site.
  • An e-zine keeping current clients informed of your services or events.
  • Content designed for revitalization of a successful product not featured in some time.

By taking a customized approach for your project, you can expect me to:

  • Recap your vision to demonstrate I heard your concerns and needs.
  • Provide an action plan for the specific aspects of your project, including the authoritative voice you need for the selected audience.
  • Address your expectations regarding time frame and budget.
  • Deliver a thoughtful proposal that meets your unique challenges and goals.

At that time, I’ll quote you a price. A Services sheet in my Information Packet provides typical prices for a variety of different projects

Q. “How long does it take to complete a project?”

A. This is based on your need. However, in order to give you the best I have to offer, a two or three week lead time is ideal for most projects. That way I can do any necessary research, writing, polishing, editing and revision before I hand a final draft to you.

If your deadline is short, indicate your required completion date on my contact form. I’ll let you know immediately if I can meet that deadline.

I’m always happy to answer additional questions.
My Information Packet provides more details.
Contact me today to discuss your project.