What Others Say

I have been working with a few writers and Holly’s quality of work is just so impeccable and the result is so enchanting that I wanted to talk about it in this: Video Testimonial.


She easily took my brief and turned it into an amazing piece that I could share with my clients. Plus she paid closer attention to all deadlines and always delivered way ahead of schedule. I asked her to build 10 blueprints and for every one of them she delivered a state-of-art piece. I totally enjoyed working with Holly and I will work with her again soon.

Raluca Comanescu
Owner, The Feathers

Holly’s attention to detail is very strong. She understands that the details matter and has an ability to use them in a productive way without getting blinded by them.


Holly leads her team(s) with clarity and focus. Her ability to create a plan, tailor it to the specific issues at hand and guide the group to a successful outcome is not only strong for the client but also for a team as it allows them to grow professionally and serve the client at a high level.

Danny Finuf
40+ years in senior management, higher education

Holly has what I call strength of belief. She has strong convictions about the value of information and education. This underlies her ability to focus teams on core values to accomplish things. Her strength of listening and collaboration gives her an edge in her work.

Lou Melocchi
Vice President, Finance
10+ years, higher education

Holly builds relationships with people better than anyone else. She has a way of connecting and supporting people. Her strength is definitely building relationships and trust.

Lisa Mays
Director of Education
Ross Medical Education

Two things Holly brings to the table are authenticity and transparency. What she says, she means. She loves what she does and it shows in how she acts, communicates and leads. She is persistent in finding what people need in order to do their best. Then she helps them achieve the goals. She is one of the most well respected people in our industry.

Kim Walsh, JD
6 years accreditation and licensing administration
16 year in for-profit proprietary education

Holly’s two unique strengths are compassion and organization. Along with these qualities goes the ability to see the big picture – not just “so-and-so needs to change course,” but rather “this option is not a good fit for your ultimate goals because…” Then she voices her rationale. But she doesn’t stop there. She always adds, “Think about shifting your goals to…” and then she provides her suggestions. Many people can see that something isn’t working, but not many people can then see the daily or weekly steps needed to shift into a different direction. She is one of the most determined, forward-thinking writers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s not scared of time, energy, or focus. Add in steadfast and reliable and you have an ideal partner in business.

Melanie Faith
Instructor, Private School, Pennsylvania

Most of Holly’s skills are enhanced by her genuine zest for life and this is naturally expressed when she communicates. Whether it’s one-on-one, a small group, or in a large presentation, her enthusiasm helps the audience connect with the message. She draws people in with her energy, and they truly listen to her. She has a special connection to people and I don’t know many who are like her. As a leader, she is serious about results and urgency. Yet in directing teams, she delivers the objectives with the proper urgency necessary without ever demotivating anyone. Her messages are real, but also respectfully honest. This combination motivates teams to want to accomplish results even more.

Peter Perkowski
30 years experience, college adminsitration

Holly’s unique ability to really maximize top assets in business is people. She brings a human touch into business and treats every person as an important member of the team.

Dudley Layfield, III
Regional Director of Admissions
Brown Mackie Colleges


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